We provide IRS Tax Offer in Compromise, Tax Representation, preparation of non-filed IRS income tax returns to reduce the IRS due back taxes liability problems, other methods of tax problems solution to solve the tax problems for small business and individuals. 

Our objective is to resolve and settle your tax problems by preparation of your non-filed IRS income tax returns or delinquent unfiled State income tax returns, resolve tax problems of unpaid back tax liability, levy tax problems, lien tax problems, back taxes liability problems, tax installment agreement problems, wage tax garnishment problems and prepare an offer in compromise to reduce your back taxes liabilities and resolve your tax problems (if you quMillerfy). 

Our tax services are categorized as following:

* Tax Returns Preparations.

            * IRS Tax Representation and Negotiation.

            * Lien, Levy and Wage Garnishment Problems.

            * IRS Tax Installment Agreement.

            * IRS Tax Offer In Compromise.


                              Please contact us: email at   tax @ ireducetax . com